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A free tank warfare game for Windows

World of Tanks is a free multiplayer game that features a massive online gaming community. WoT for Windows throws players into grand tank battles, where they must fight alongside their clan to attain victory. Featuring a large inventory of upgradable tanks, high-end graphics, and streamlined controls, World of Tanks is ideal for players who are fans of tanks and are looking for a game that lets them drive, aim and shoot in large scale open battles.

What is the World of Tanks gameplay?

Developed by, World of Tanks is an online multiplayer game that users can play for free. The tank warfare game features fairly detailed and historically accurate vehicles from the 20th century. Using these combat tanks, players participate in one-on-one battles, as well as massive multiplayer battles. While the game is based on the freemium model, it does offer some premium features that users can purchase via in-game currency

World of Tanks download has simple team-focused gameplay. You and your teammates must locate and destroy the tanks of your enemies before they demolish yours. The game also features several battlegrounds, numerous vehicle upgrades, gaming mods, and no participation limit. WoT also provides players with a massive inventory of tanks that they can purchase and upgrade. 

Both beginners and advanced players will appreciate the game’s simplicity, which comes down to driving a tank, aiming, and shooting. However, the game does offer various tactical combat moves that only add to the fun. Playing this tank warfare game on your Windows device is effortless, thanks to its streamlined keyboard controls. The game also doesn’t feature too many commands, and moving the tank from one location remains seamless.  

Does the World of Tanks offer a tutorial?

Once you complete the World of Tanks PC download and launch the game on your device, it sends you directly to Bootcamp. As the name suggests, Bootcamp is the place where you learn all the controls needed to participate and fight in a tank battle. After you graduate from the camp, you’re awarded a large number of credits, gold, and a few highly-coveted bonuses. 

The Garage is the next step forward and a place where you’re able to view all the tanks that you own and intend to purchase. Your garage also offers additional functionalities such as gear research, crew training, and vehicle customization tools. Moreover, you can use this screen to connect with other players from your team and participate in your first battle. 

How can players attain more tanks?

Once you download WoT on your device, you get access to several tanks that you can develop and upgrade. Apart from offering a massive inventory of weapons and tanks, World of Tanks also gives users the freedom to experiment with new designs, add upgrades and replace crew personnel. However, if you wish to attain more tanks, you must win more battles.  

The game offers three types of tanks - light, medium, and heavy. While you can use the light tanks to exhaust the power of your enemies, breaching the enemy line is much easier with a medium-built tank. The heavy tanks are usually long-range shooters that can do tremendously well in the hands of ace tankers. 

While all of these tanks can be upgraded and developed into killing machines, winning the battle still rests in teamwork. World of Tanks clans must combine their skills and tanks to create an iron-clad battle strategy. Once you defeat an enemy, all clan members receive rewards in the form of credits, gold, or bonds, all of which can be used to purchase premium upgrades, mods, and tanks.

What is the best tank in the World of Tanks?

A fascinating aspect of World of Tanks download is that it features historically-accurate tanks from multiple countries, including the USSR, Germany, USA, and Britain, among others. It is no surprise then that players always looking for “the best” tank that they can use in battle. 

While everything will still depend on the specific player and playstyle, one of the best tanks in World of Tanks currently is the Object 430U. It has been highly praised for its balance and flexibility in battle as it offers enhanced mobility and armor

Is World of Tanks easy to play on PC?

Once you download World of Tanks on your Windows device, you can play the game using the keyboard and mouse. Players can easily control the movement of the tanks using the default W, S, A, and D keys. You can control your weapons using the left button on your mouse and click on Shift to go into sniper mode. The primary screen also displays the global map, damage meter, and resource count

What can players expect from the latest version?

The latest version of World of Tanks PC download comes with an array of visual upgrades that make the game look more life-like. The app also features new tanks and battlegrounds, as well as upgrades. Playing WoT is quite fun as it continues to get regular updates and fresh content that keep even long-time tankers entertained. The only drawback is that unlocking different tanks can be a slow process.

Are there any alternatives?

World of Tanks Blitz is the spin-off of the original WoT game and features faster gameplay. Other games that offer tank battles similar to World of Tanks are Battle Tanks and Metal Force: 3D Multiplayer Tank Shooting Game. In case you’re looking for a naval warfare adventure, you should check out World of Warships.

A fun and entertaining game for tank lovers!

If you’re looking for hours of fun playing an action-packed game, you should check out World of Tanks. The online multiplayer game features historically-accurate tanks that you can upgrade and develop into killing machines. WoT gives players the freedom to change the design of the tank and apply as many modifications as they want. 

To win this tank warfare, you must participate in team battles and destroy enemy tanks. Playing the game is just as simple, all you have to do is to drive, aim, and shoot. World of Tanks PC download also features keyboard and mouse control, as well as the ability to chat with teammates, purchase new tanks, and upgrade the existing collection


  • Offers a variety of historical tanks
  • Supports the use of mods
  • Features a massive online community


  • Unlocking tanks takes time

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World of Tanks for PC

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User reviews about World of Tanks

  • Darren Blanchard

    by Darren Blanchard

    IF the teams weren't RIGGED 95% of the time where one side DOMINATES the other by a score of 2-15, 5-15 and wargaming actually took pride in their gam More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Pay to get ahead.
    Hi. This game is not free. If you do not pay for enhancements, you will be struggling to advance.
    Pros: Good graphics


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